Tonka Gin

Est. 2014


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Requests by importers, retailers and gastronomy

We are happy to see your interest in our Tonka Gin. Please ask us directly, how, or rather, where you can obtain our Tonka Gin. In addition, gastronomy and retailers may source our gin in almost all well stocked beverage specialist stores in Germany. 




 Tonka Gin Office 


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Tonka Gin Tonic 


16cl Fever Tree Indian or Schweppes Dry Tonic

5cl Tonka Gin with Ice Cubes



Pour Tonka Gin into a longdrink glass with ice cubes and top off with tonic water.


Recommendation by Tonka Gin Team

 Daniel Soumikh got the idea to refine gin with the flavors of the tonka bean after a venture through Spain. It had been there that he learned how the bean was not only used in the finer kitchen, but that it had also found its way into the bar scene.

From this point forward, Daniel Soumikh worked on implementing his ideas for almost 2 years. With the assistance of a few barkeepers and a competent distillery he was able to conceptualize his ideas and was proud to present the first finished bottles on September 26th 2014.



The shape of our bottle is a tribute to the American prohibition, which was ratified on the 16th of January 1919 and stayed implemented until December 5th 1933.

During this time the rectangular, flat shape of the bottle was popular as it allowed smugglers to easily store larger amounts of spirit in smaller spaces. It was especially easy to hide a bottle under one’s car seat.

Tonka Gin with its 47% abv. can be enjoyed as a gin and tonic or as a mixer, as you can explore on the following pages where we have shared several cocktail recipes by renowned barkeepers. Try some and enjoy! 


 The Tonka Bean is what gives our TONKA GIN its’ distinct, elegant, and unique taste. Flavors such as sweet vanilla, bitter almond and aromatically spicy hay flowers contribute to the extraordinary experience! To create the perfect harmony between the tonka bean and juniper berries we use a grand total of 23 botanicals in our Tonka Gin.



Each bottle has a handwritten designation on it which gives information about the batch, its individual bottle number, and when it was bottled down to month and year. 

 We produce our Tonka Gin in a small distillery which lies in between fruit orchards in the vicinity of Hamburg. Everything is done through manual labor, starting with the distilling all the way to bottling, labeling and finally, packaging.